Ambassador Programme

We wanted to setup an ambassador program for those who love the concept of jewellery & planting trees all under the same roof.


As We have ambitious targets when it comes to planting trees and selling jewellery in 2021. We felt that brining individuals on who love the concept behind Offset and want to be a part of our brand would be the best way to achieve these goals.


Ambassador platform:  Sign Down Here



  • Currently are ambassadors will receive 30% commission for anyone using their link and their promotional code will have 10% off.


  • The top performing ambassadors will get free items for new releases and occasionally free items on request.


  • 40% off your own individual purchases 


Small things we ask for…


  • Have a social media account (if possible put the discount link in your bio, but not vital)


  • When promoting the brand through imagery and footage, try to make sure that it aligns with the current offset social feed. Typically this means outside and with a good backdrop. If it’s indoors, try to make the jewellery stand out.


  • Your feedback on products, messaging, images… basically the lot. The more you can let us know about what others are saying, both good and bad, the better. We will value your input and it will often dictate the strategic direction we take for many decisions.


Who can be an ambassador


  • You should have interests in sustainability, fashion/jewellery, and photography if possible!


  • You should have a good understanding of what we are doing as a brand. This entails understanding what the coordinates mean, why we plant in particular location and the type of jewellery we sell.