Using jewellery as a means to connect people to a cause for environmental change and support for those living in rural poverty.


To prevent the continual damage being done to our planet, we know that we have to act now, with urgency. We have to 'be the change' which is required to save our planet.

Therefore, we wanted to make a product that above all else was carbon offsetting and helped reverse the reckless damage we have done to the planet. By planting ten trees for each item of Jewellery purchased, we’re able to offset our carbon emissions by more than tenfold per product; while also nurturing the land for ecosystems to prosper again. 


For as long as we can remember, jewellery has had an innate ability to act as a vessel for emotion and sentimental meaning. Both the jewellery and its bespoke co-ordinates have an enduring and timeless quality. Therefore, each individual that owns an item of offset jewellery is forever connected to a cause for sustainability and poverty alleviation in a truly unique way. 


There are over 800 million people living in poverty globally and at least 85% of them live in rural environments. We support those who are suffering from the consequences of environmental degradation and rural poverty by facilitating the planting of trees which is funded by each purchase made by offset customers. ‘Plant with Purpose’ our international tree planting partner, help us to invest in the livelihoods of these individuals through providing the resources and education to empower these communities. Planting trees acts as a source of income and protection for long term stability for them and their families, which in turn sustains the future of our planet.