Sustainable Materials

In our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible, we focus on using low carbon emitting metals as our base material. This is because the process of mining, refining and even recycling precious metals produces far more carbon emissions, than the use of stainless steel.

For example, in our third party report it is estimated that for the mining and refining of 316L stainless steel, in comparison to gold, there is a sixteen thousand times increase in carbon emissions. Even the process of recycling most precious metals causes more carbon emissions than alternative metals.

Ethical Manufacturing

Our jewellery is manufactured in Shenzhen – one of the leading global cities for jewellery production, which has a progressively green standard. It is also one of the only locations globally to work with stainless steel jewellery. Our partners who are manufacturing Offset jewellery are BSCI certified which monitors work place standards for the global supply chain, as well as being ISO 9001:QMS certified which is the quality management system certification.

Finally, although Shenzhen is quite a distance from the UK, based upon our calculations for from our third party report, our emissions for shipping the goods are minimal due to the weight and size of our jewellery. The engraving is also carried out in house, so we are not reliant on shipping the goods back and forth for each bespoke touch. In our third party report, we have taken the full manufacturing process into account, not forgetting any steps, such as the laser engraving.

Minimal Packaging

Our packaging is FSC®-certified. We have taken a minimalist approach as to reduce our carbon footprint. It is plastic free and the only extra additions are a velour foam inset accompanied by a velour top coat. 

Our manufacturers for our friendly-packaging are based in Denmark, which is just across the water from us.